What Is An SSL Certificate And Why You Need One For Your Website

Prices can range anywhere from $10 to $300 per year, depending on the type and features. Elementor Hosting includes a secure and trusted premium Domain Validated certificate, which would cost around $40 dev ssl certificate per year if purchased separately. It is possible to use one SSL certificate for multiple domains on the same server. Depending on the vendor, you can also use one SSL certificate on multiple servers.

Importance of SSL certificates in simple terms

A website secured with a DV certificate offers only a locked padlock in the address bar, but does not show organization details because they do not exist. These certificates validate domain ownership only, can be acquired anonymously, and do not tie a domain to a person, place or entity. Devices view the public key and use it to create secure encryption keys with the web server.

When and Why Is SSL a Must?

Besides boosting the overall SERP rankings, you will also get more organic traffic. SSL certificates will always preserve the integrity of your user information by protecting against data protection. This is important to preserve legal compliance and user confidence.

Importance of SSL certificates in simple terms

You can verify their claims by looking through the recommendations that web browser makers make as these have been created by using third-party standards like WebTrust. I hope you now understand an SSL certificate and its impact on your website’s SEO. Test your SSL certificate thoroughly and create an appropriate maintenance schedule. Whether you choose an SSL verification tool or opt for manual testing, remember to determine the effectiveness of the SSL certificate. Upon requesting an SSL certificate for your domain, the authorities will verify that you own the domain name.

How to Install An SSL Certificate On Your Site

It uses encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, which prevents hackers from reading it as it is sent over the connection. This data includes potentially sensitive information such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, or other financial details. When a user visits a website with an SSL certificate, their browser and the web server initiate an SSL handshake.

This type of certificate also displays the website owner’s information in the address bar to distinguish from malicious sites. OV SSL certificates tend to be the second most expensive (after EV SSLs), and their primary purpose is to encrypt the user’s sensitive information during transactions. Commercial or public-facing websites must install an OV SSL certificate to ensure that any customer information shared remains confidential.

How to ensure your online session is safe

SSL/TLS offers point-to-point protection to ensure that the data is secure during transport. If an SSL certificate is present but isn’t valid, your visitors may be faced with the “your connection is not private” error. When you provide security and encryption, you can protect sensitive user data and boost the trustworthiness of your business. This trust will go a long way in driving organic traffic and improving search engine rankings. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a digital security feature that enables an encrypted connection between a website and a browser.

  • As for TLS, it’s now on TLS 1.3, which offers a number of improvements to performance and security.
  • If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.
  • Netscape developed the original iteration of Secure Socket Layer in 1995.
  • SSL is considered as the foundation for keeping the Internet secure.
  • Essentially, SSL/TLS secures the information that is sent and received over HTTP.

Moreover, recently, Google announced that it will stop indexing websites without SSL certificates. This small data file adds an extra layer of security to your website. Implementing an SSL certificate on your website means creating a secure link between the web browser and the website server. The best place to get cheap certificates is from a reliable reseller like SSL Dragon.

Where can I get an SSL certificate?

TLS, short for Transport Layer Security, is the successor and more up-to-date version of the original SSL protocol. Read on to learn more about SSL security, the importance of encryption, and how to choose the right digital certificate for your organization. SSL is a must for websites handling sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card numbers.

Importance of SSL certificates in simple terms

Now that you know the importance of an SSL certificate for your website’s SEO performance, you must implement SSL protection as soon as possible. However, contrary to popular belief, the process isn’t complicated at all. Depending on the eligibility criteria, you will get a free domain and SSL certificate when you purchase a web hosting solution. This will prove best for individuals who want to use HostGator as their default hosting platform. While HostGator is a web hosting platform that provides different types of WordPress hosting solutions, it also comes with SSL certification features.

Since web browsers actively warn people to avoid unsecured sites, it’s in your best interest to install an SSL certificate and make your website secure. It’s possible to know whether a website uses the SSL protocol by looking for a padlock icon on your browser’s address bar. SSL is an integral part of all Elementor Hosting plans, offered free of charge and continually updated. This isn’t a limited-time offer; it’s part of our commitment to providing multiple layers of security for your website. Before you jump at the offer of a ‘Free SSL’ certificate from hosting companies, make sure to read the fine print. While it may seem like you’re getting security without an extra expense, this is often just a temporary perk.

Importance of SSL certificates in simple terms

Most web hosting companies offer this service to make it simple for you to purchase and install. It’s best to speak to your web hosting provider or web designer to ensure the certificate is issued and set up correctly. Improved data privacy and authentication – SSL certificates enable authentication, which verifies that users are connecting to the intended website, not an imposter.

Now, you may ask, what is the best place to purchase an SSL certificate? I will highlight the three best places from where you can purchase an SSL certificate with ease. An SSL certificate often symbolizes more commitment and professionalism. This perception is extremely important as it will help your business have a positive and strong brand image. For instance, an SSL certificate will help you maintain a professional image and easily capture the attention of your target customers. Want to know more about what happens in the background while you connect to a secure website?

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